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Caring For Your Family When You’re Not Well

Today as I struggle to get through my homemaking duties, I just can’t help but to think how many other homemakers struggle with this on a daily basis. How many of you are struggling to care for your family when you’re just not feeling well. There are so many things that I could be doing but my body won’t allow me. All I want to do right now is lay down on the couch not to watch TV but to just rest. How do I get through today? How do I continue to care for my family when I have no energy? 

Sometimes it’s obvious and sometimes it’s a little more difficult to answer that question. It’s understandable to have no energy when you’re sick. But what if you’re not sick? What if you’re just drained from everyday life? That’s me today. I am totally off-balance. 

But lucky for me, it seems that I get more done when I’m not feeling well. I know it sounds strange but hear me out. I am going to show you 3 areas in your home that you should concentrate on when you are sick or have low energy.

Feeding your Family

First your family needs to eat every day, even you. So that’s the first thing you should concentrate on, feeding your family. And being that you have low energy today let’s concentrate on a low energy meal. We are not going to order takeout or make everyone fend for themselves. Grab your slow cooker and think of a meal that you can put in your slow cooker with no energy.

Today I was ready for my low energy day. I am big on meal prepping, not meal prepping for weight loss, but meal prepping to make dinners quicker and easier. All I had to do was put my green beans in my slow cooker and put my already prepared casserole dish with rice and chicken in my oven. But if you don’t have anything prepared already, maybe you can think of something or search your recipe books while you’re laying on the couch. Find a dump and go recipe, get it started and go lay back down for a while.


The next thing to concentrate on is dishes. Load or unload your dishwasher and make sure each family member has at least one cup to drink from one place to eat from and one piece of silverware to use. What I usually do during these times is unload my dishwasher and then go take a break.

Most of the time I give myself 15 minutes. I work for 15 minutes and then I sit down for 15 minutes. Sometimes I am able to wash pots or wipe down cabinets, but I don’t push my body. If I’m tired, I lay down. This may sound lazy but I tend to get a lot done with this method. So far with 15 minutes to start dinner and 15 minutes to unload my dishwasher that was way more time than I really needed but it might take you longer.

Living Spaces

The next thing to work on is high traffic areas. If you have three different areas you want to concentrate on, take five minutes in each area. You will be surprised how much you can get done in five minutes. Just start by picking up and putting away just to make the area look neater. No deep cleaning today, put the duster and mop back in the closet. Straighten pillows, pick up toys, take random pieces of clothing to the laundry basket, and just make it comfortable for your family. Just remember to only work for 15 minutes. 

In 45 minutes you just fed your family and made your home inviting and comfortable. Don’t worry about the dust on the TV today. Just rest and enjoy your family and give yourself grace.

By all means this is not an everyday homemaking routine you should follow. This is Just getting you through those days when you feel like you can’t do anything. This also should’ve given you a little motivation and encouragement to know that even when you’re having a bad day your family doesn’t have to have one too.

And remember, slow down your homemaking. This week I didn’t and now my body is making me. I also just suffer from low energy because of a few medications I take. Chronic Fatigue is real but we can still take care of ourselves and our family and live a more joyful life.

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