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How To Find Time For What’s Important

How do we find time for what’s important? Well isn’t everything we do important. If you think like me, I know youre thinking, ” If it wasn’t importnat, I wouldnt be wasting my time with it. Well, that’s true to a certain extent. Some of the things we deem as important can sometimes be just time wasters. I want to help you figure out how to tell the difference between whats important and whats not and how to find time for them.

Everything you do is Important

Yes, that is true. As a homemaker, every dish we wash, every meal we cook, and every mess we clean is important. It is what we do to care for our family. But some things we do as homemakers are even more important than the tasks we complete. It is up to you to figure out what is important for you and your family.

Lets think about this a little. I like to think of all 3 aspects of homemaking. These aspects are healthy relationships, home management, and self care. So, we are familiar with the aspect of home management and that is what we tend to focus on. But while we maybe experts at home management, we neglect the other two. This can lead to burnout and a chaotic home.

Taking time to build healthy relationships within your home and caring for yourself is honestly more important than the meals you feed your family. I know it can be difficult to find time for these things but it is very important to find the time.

Finding Time


First, in order to find time for the important stuff, lets listen and pay attention. This can be as simple as thinking about what is going on in your home. If your child is constantly asking you to play with them and you feel guilty about not having the time, this is important. If your husband is telling you in so many ways he needs his wife but by the time you get to his needs you’re too exhausted to smile, this is important. Sometimes its not that obvious, but most of time, there are some clues. These clues can be verbal or nonverbal, but they are there if you know your family.

Make a list

Now lets take the first example with your child asking for playtime. Sometimes it only take about 10 minutes to fill a child’s emotional cup. So let’s just say you need to find 10 minutes your day to put a smile on your child’s face. We need to find those 10 minutes because that 10 minutes helps build healthy relationships within your home.

Make a list of everything you do in a day and/or week or use a productivity tracker. It’s important to look at how your’e spending your time. Look over your list to see if there is anything that is waisting your time like scrolling on your phone or watching TV. See if there are any tasks that you can put off for another day. Meaning, if you see that you are very busy on Monday and then your Tuesday is very slow, take some of those Monday tasks and do them on Tuesday to free up some time.


Once you’ve figured out how your time is being spent, prioritize. This goes back to my thoughts on homemaking and the 3 aspects of being a homemaker. A clean and organized home means nothing if the people in the home isn’t happy. A homemaker’s job is build and maintain healthy relationships within her home and that should be a priority.

By prioritizing the people in your home, you are in-turn fulfilling your duties as homemaker. I can go on and on about this but here is what I’m trying to say: Everyone should have balance. This balance includes mind (healthy interactions and conversations), body (healthy meals along with physical activity), and soul (Calm, security, meditation, inner peace and confidence).

So, how do you find time for what’s important? Figure out what you consider important and what’s not and prioritize them correspondingly.

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