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Finding Time for ME: A Guide to Self-Care

We have all heard the saying: a woman’s work is never done. A demanding work schedule, combined with trying to balance other areas of our lives, may lead to the feeling of spinning too many plates in the air at once or as some southerners would say running like a chicken with its head cut off. (don’t care to imagine that)

With kids, family, work, chores, and the many responsibilities that we have to fulfill, there never seems to be enough time to fulfill our own needs or desires. Never enough time to think about ME.

This can lead to depression, anxiety, or just just feeling burnt out. Beyond how it affects us personally, being worn out also means that our performance and attentiveness to all we have to do will suffer too. Resentment becomes common, as we feel overwhelmed and unable to deal with the stressors of the day.

You know what that means don’t you?….Here comes the crazy lady screaming and being short with everyone. 

Although everyone is different, and has different ideas about how to find time to themselves. This is a guide on how to make some time just for ME. Here are some of the solutions that may give you some ideas of how to find that space and time in your life. 

Use The Time You Have

If you have appointments to go to or errands to run but find yourself early or waiting around in your car, make use of your time. For example, don’t check email or scroll on social media, read a book or practice meditation. These two activities require a certain amount of tranquility and peace, so why not use your window of opportunity to do this. Of course, you could just listen to some music and relax. 

On the other hand, if you are feeling that productive push, you could just catch up on a few other things that could improve the rest of your day or week  like meal planning. This is your time; you can do with it what you want. And by doing this task now, you are freeing up time for later. 

Make Time

Once a week, take time to do the things you like to do alone. To do this you need to learn to say no to the people in your life, or learn to delegate your duties to someone else. This will enable you to have some time to relax. For me, it’s getting my husband to handle the bedtime routine once a month so I can soak in the tub or take a long shower and actually put on lotion. And sneaking out early at least once a week to watch the sunrise while sipping a cup of coffee.

Go and grab a drink somewhere, get some exercise, or even just disappear to another part of the house. Anything you can think of to do that would allow you to free up space in that busy head of yours. Slow down a little.


This can simply be an extension of the previous where you would make time for yourself. Once a month, go treat yourself, this can be anything you wish, such as shopping, a spa day, a movie, or even just spending time with your friends, catching up on their lives. This is totally your choice. 

I, on the other hand, get more stressed when shopping and the rest of this involves spending money which also sends stress signals to my brain. lol  So, I personally find other things to indulge in like baking and gardening.

Just Say No

Heard that phrase before? No, means setting boundaries and limiting what you are willing to do in a single day or week. Say no to those dishes if its way pass your bedtime. Say no to the kid that needs you to come fix them a drink when they are more than capable. No, to over volunteering at school, church, and other social groups. No because you just don’t feel like it or because you  rather spend your time on something that is going to benefit you.

Get Organized  

By planning your day and week you can find opportunities for ME time. Making lists and looking at your week would help you to see those gaps in your schedule. Organization can be a game changer. You will realize you have more time than you think.

The more organized you are the more you will learn where you can fit things in. It could be as simple as going for a walk for 20 minutes before the baby wakes up from a nap.

ME time is definitely a necessity to women so make the time as important as having a clean home or feeding your family.

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