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Welcome to Pink Fennel, Your Guide to Joyful Living.

Hey there, friend! Welcome to Pink Fennel, your guide to joyful living. Unlock the secrets to a joyful life through balance. Explore expert advice, FAQs, and actionable tips. Start your journey to lasting happiness today.

Let me share a bit about my journey with you. I’ve been through the wringer – battling anxiety, depression, and loneliness for what felt like an eternity. The hubs and I were like a sitcom, constantly bickering, and our poor kiddos? They had no structure or routines what-so-ever. My home? Let’s just say it was more chaotic than a circus.

But guess what? I hit a turning point. I realized that divorce wasn’t a magic fix and kids aren’t perfect little humans; I needed to create my own joy. Cue the self-help books, therapy sessions, and a deep dive into self-discovery. Five years later, here I am, standing as a living testament to the fact that joy is not just a possibility but a reality for anyone, no matter the age or situation.

Now, let’s chat about expertise. What makes me qualified to give you some tips? I’ve not only patched up my own life but have become a bit of a joy guru along the way. And if you’re struggling with the homemaker hustle, well, I’ve got your back on that too. As a fellow mom and wife, I get it – life gets messy, responsibilities pile up, and sometimes you just need a reassuring voice saying, “It’s okay not to have it all together.”

I want to help you find purpose as a homemaker and transform your home into a haven. Life can be a rollercoaster, and we all have our quirks – like my extreme introversion, love for naps, perpetual bonnet-wearing, lack of creativity (seriously, not a creative bone!), and even an adult ADHD diagnosis (life-changing, right?).

So, let’s dive into this joy journey together. I’ve been there, done that, and I’m here to guide you through the chaos and imperfections. Because trust me, life goes on, and as long as you’re trying, that’s all anyone can ask. Let’s turn those imperfect moments into stepping stones towards a happier you and a blissful home!

Founder, Pinkfennel.com